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Top 3 Reasons To Design Custom T-Shirts For Your Business

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There are many benefits to creating custom T-shirts for your business. Every day you see custom T-shirts of one sort or another on the street. It can be as simple a uniform or as elaborate as a Jersey for a sports team. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain, custom T-shirts get noticed.

T-shirt printing has become a very popular way for people to identify with a brand. The designs of big corporations are unique and easily identifiable. For example, when you think of coffee what comes to mind?

Not everybody thinks about Starbucks. There are other chains like, Seattle Coffee Company, Gloria Jean’s and Dunkin Donuts to name a few. Each one of these chains has its own logo and employees wear uniforms with the companies branding.

Here are three more reasons to create your own custom T-Shirts:

  1. It's an excellent way to advertise your business. Just like other businesses you would put a logo and business name on the shirt. You may also wish to add your website address in case people are interested. Logo shirts often create a point of interest. Imagine this, you own a restaurant and you happen to be at the supermarket.

As you walk through the supermarket people see your shirt and ask where the restaurant is located, so that they can pick up dinner on the way home. The shirt has just paid off in spades. The T-shirt may have cost you thirty, but you will make one hundred dollars in sales when these people visit your restaurant. The good news is that your T-Shirt will keep making money and it won’t cost you another dime.


  1. Promotional gifts are a great way to expand the scope of your business. You could run a promotion for new customers. When they visit your business and purchase a product, the customer will receive a free T-Shirt. Make these T-Shirts different to the one’s you and your staff wear. Think about the type of design that would make people want to wear the T-Shirt.

The image you choose could be funny or cute. You can add your logo and business underneath the image and have your customers advertise for you. It’s a smart way to get your name known, without it costing you a fortune.

  1. Sponsorship of a local event. Many businesses sponsor schools sports teams. You can get some T-Shirts printed for the children to wear before and after games. Now you can advertise your brand and get recognition at the same time.


Businesses that sponsor local teams often get lots of business from the parents and family members of the children in the team. You can boost sales and feel good at the same time.


Need a company to print your T-Shirts for you? Print Tee Shirt Hong Kong has what you need. Give them your design, the number of shirts and sizes you need and you will have your T-Shirts in no time. Give custom T-Shirts a try, they really are the cheapest form of advertising any business can have.

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